What a month March was for Arizona! Spring Training ended and the MLB Season started with a D-Back victory over Division Rivals San Francisco Giants; The Final Four in Glendale found first time entrant Gonzaga battling veritable powerhouse North Carolina in the March Madness finale, and the Suns making an end of the season charge for first pick in the NBA draft!  But off the courts and fields another intriguing event took place – – a car accident occurred in Tempe.  And, it wasn’t just ANY car accident, it was the first Self-Driving Car accident! With the apparent inevitable trend to Driverless Autos, it is, without a doubt, imperative that you familiarize yourself with DRIVERLESS CARS AND YOUR GLENDALE, ARIZONA CAR INSURANCE.

        “There is no doubt about it,” Jim Bivona of Bivona Insurance Group, LLC, an Independent Insurance Agency that services the Phoenix Metro area regarding Insurance including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria Arizona to name just a few, noted, “we are entering into uncharted waters where this issue is concerned.  For example, how will your rates be determined?”

This may not be as trivial as it first appears. Typically, rates are determined by such factors regarding the owner/driver as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Claims History
  • Driving Record

“Theoretically,” Bivona continued sagely, “the Insurance Issue will be shifted from the driver/car owner to the automakers.  Due to the fact that there is limited data regarding this issue, to say the very least, it may take a while to get everyone involved on a level playing field.”

Theoretically, again, there should be far fewer accidents with Self-Driving Cars, as it is estimated that over 90% of car accidents are the result of human error.  If that is the case, accidents should be few and far between.

“Maybe,” Bivona added with a degree of intrigue in his voice, “TESLA has the right idea.  Their latest plan is to ‘bundle’ Insurance and Maintenance into the purchase price of their future vehicles.  This takes into account,” he continued, “the Autopilot Safety Features, and the fact that it should reduce the number of collisions and, in turn, a reduction in the risk premium.”

As you can see, being aware of DRIVERLESS CARS AND YOUR GLENDALE, ARIZONA CAR INSURANCE certainly is not something you want to ignore if you do, in fact, intend to ever own a Driver-less Car!  As a result, you should contact Jim Bivona at 623-256-1000 with any questions, and he will be happy to discuss this concept with you in greater detail, and suggest some ways you may be able to improve your Auto Coverage.

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