I was watching this TV Commercial the other day and was really enlightened by the sentiment that was reflected.  This “Financial Advisor” was visiting with a young lady (probably early 40s) and asked her when she planned on Retiring, and she replied, “At 70.”  While I was amazed by this, the Financial Advisor acted as though he heard that A LOT!  Now, all of my life, it was understood that most people would retire at 65; the lucky ones at 62; and the really lucky ones at 55! The fact that society has resigned itself to the fact that Retirement won’t be a possibility to at least 70 made me wonder if those entrepreneurs who own Small Businesses are making appropriate plans for Retirement, which makes SMALL BUSINESS RETIREMENT PLANS AND YOUR PHOENIX, AZ INSURANCE BROKER a viable consideration!

“What many people don’t realize,” Jim Bivona of Bivona Insurance Group, LLC, an Independent Insurance Agency that services the Phoenix Metro area regarding Insurance including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria Arizona to name just a few, shared, “is that the ideal time to plan for your Retirement Exit is when you start your business.  That, of course,” he added with a chuckle in his voice, “is very rarely the case.  However,” he went on a little more solemnly, “the earlier you start giving consideration to your eventual Retirement the better.”

In regard to this, there are several things you should be considering, including but not limited to:

  • What Your End Goal Is: If your plan is to finance your Retirement by selling your Business, be advised that VERY SELDOM can Small Businessmen rely totally on such a sale to underwrite their Retirement.
  • Choose Your Retirement Investments Wisely: When it comes to Retirement, “ROI” needs to not stand for “Return on Investment” but rather “Return OF Investment.”
  • Understand the Role of Life Insurance in Your Plan. This should be considered not only for the owner but any key personnel if their loss would devalue the worth of the business.
  • Your Plan Should NOT be considered “Once and Done.” As a multitude of issues may affect the Value of your Company, you should frequently visit your plan to ensure that it is still valid in nature.

As you can see, being aware of SMALL BUSINESS RETIREMENT PLANS AND YOUR PHOENIX, AZ INSURANCE BROKER, certainly is not something you want to ignore if you do, in fact, intend to use your Business to underwrite your Retirement!  As a result, you should contact Jim Bivona at 623-256-1000 with any questions, and he will be happy to discuss this concept with you in greater detail, and suggest some ways you may be able to improve your Insurance Coverage.

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(To learn more about this issue, research “LIFE INSURANCE AND KEY EXECUTIVE RETENTION ”)


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