I used to wonder what FLO was talking about in those Progressive Insurance ads about the “SNAPSHOT” device.  Then most of the other companies started offering the same option, each under its own branded name.  They claim they can save you money, but have you been reluctant to find out more about it?  Scared, maybe?

I know I was. And I’m actually an insurance agent.  I asked:

What, exactly, is it?

What information does it gather?  How?

Who gets the information?

Do I really want someone to keep tabs on my driving habits?

Can I actually expect a discount on my insurance if I participate?

So, when I changed my insurance from one carrier to another, I was given the option to try their plug-in device for 90 days.  They gave me a 5% discount just for agreeing to the program, with the assurance I would not lose that discount even if my driving was not stellar.  Then, there was the further incentive of higher discounts if I did display good habits.

What good driving habits?  This is what they monitored:


  • Hard braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Number of miles the car was driven
  • What time of day or night the car was driven


How did it work for me? Since I had access to the same data the company did, I was able to see my driving patterns for myself. Ouch!  Apparently I drive a moderate amount of miles at the right times of day and night, with no rapid acceleration; BUT I learned that I was a “hard-braker”.  Who knew?


When I started paying more attention, I learned to moderate my braking.  It was fun checking into the site and seeing my own improvement.  The first words to greet me were always “You are on your way to a ______% discount.”   It was even more fun to check exactly when the hard-braking instances occurred and know it was my spouse driving instead of me!


How did this work out at the end of 90 days?  I ended up with a very nice discount, thank you, and believe I’m a better driver for it.


Would this be a good idea for you if the opportunity arises?  Ask an independent insurance agent like JIM BIVONA of BIVONA INSURANCE GROUP, LLC, who serves the Arizona communities of Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, Phoenix and suburbs.


Sue Mersing, Independent Insurance Agent

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